Best programming podcasts 2016

1 Jan, 2016

In the last semester of this year I got really into tech and programming podcasts and ever since I've been always looking out for great podcasts to listen to.

Since I don't have time to listen to every podcast I would like, I have to trim my list to the best of the most relevant topics, which in my case are Web, JavaScript and .NET related.

In retrospect this is my must-listen list of some of the best programming podcast for this new year.

- Javascript Jabber

Avg Duration: 50m - 1h
Every Wednesday a few hosts talk about a Javascript topic, be it a popular library or a popular topic in the JS community.

One of my personal favorites. It's hosted by a few people and usually a guest, the show is lively and the dialogue between the hosts is interesting even on episodes about frameworks/libaries that I don't necessarily care for.
It is a bit too lengthy for the stuff they talk about sometimes.

If you're into JS this is one is a must.

- FiveJS

Avg Duration: 5-9min
Every Thursday a condensed talk about the most recent JS topics.

Great for short periods when I'm free, It's fast paced and covers a wide range of topics.
The hosts rotate between episodes and the conversation between the hosts feels a bit awkward at times, as if they're reading their dialogue off a script or teleprompt.
The topics are interesting but because of time they skim over some of them.

If you're just looking to stay on stop of the some of the stuff happening in the JS world this one is perfect.

- .NET Rocks!

Avg Dur: 50min
Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday an episode about the .NET world and programming in general, like libraries, methodologies, patterns or tools.

My second favorite podcast. A bit lengthy, but the two hosts are great, and so are the guests.
It's slow paced, at times very much so. The discussion and topics are super interesting, but sometimes the hosts wander off completely off topic for too long.

If .NET is something you're interested in this is a must.

- CoderRadio

Avg Duration: 50m - 1h
Every Monday, a chat about what is happening in the world of Software Dev.
A show not so much about a framework or language, but about our industry.

This one either I really like or not really. It's quite lengthy but the hosts keep the discussing very alive, but also tend to go off topic, the topics themselves are interesting most of the times.
Some shows are a bit too ranty, when the hosts go on long rants about X or Y for long enough to become annoying for me.

If you like to listen to some discussion about the industry, you'll love this one.

- CodingBlocks

Avg Duration: 1:10h - 1.40h
Monthly/Bimonthly talk about a programming topic like design patterns, best practices, stacks, paradigms or tools, sometimes a specific framework or technique (most often in .NET or JS but not only)

A bit lengthy, and sometimes a bit too slow paced. The three host are very good, but the show takes a while before it actually goes into the actual topic, as the hosts go a little bit off topic.
But I really like to hear their discussions, as it contains a lot of experienced and interesting opinions.

If you're interested in design patters, best practices or tools, this is a good one, specially if you're into .NET or JS.

- Developer Tea

Avg Duration: 15m - 30m
Every three days, a talk and often interviews with advices for developers how to generally became a better developer, best practices, good habits and some language talk.

I really enjoy some of the episodes of this one.
Most episodes are advice or opinions on a specific topic, which are usually very good, or interviews, which I also enjoy.
The guests are great but the host is a bit too mellow though (as if he's giving a sermon).

If you're interested in hearing about other experienced developer's experiences and how to improve you craft, this is one is great.

- The Web Platform

Avg Duration: 50m - 1:10h
As far as I can tell, a bit irregular, usually on thursdays or tuesdays, but not every week.

I've only been recently listening to this one but I quite like it. The hosts and guests are very good and keep a good discussion going throughout.
The show usually dives into a specific topic around the web, and covers it quite well giving some good information about it.

A great podcast for all those with an interest on the web.

- Developer on Fire

Avg Duration: 40m - 1h
Released every few days.

It's an interview podcast, where the host interviews an accomplished developer from the industry, about who they are, their work and their journey.

The more I listen to this podcast, the more I liked it. The host does a great job at interviewing the guests.
It gives an invaluable insight into the lives of the guests, how they got to where they are, what they worked and are working on.

If you want to know more about the path and life of great developers, this podcast is a must.

There is a few others I listen to on and off, but there is only so much time in a day and unfortunately I can't listen to them all.
It's a good problem to have though.

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